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Autopopulate userpage starting info from ORCID[edit]

See meta:Community_Wishlist_Survey_2020/Wikiversity/Autopopulate_userpage_starting_info_from_ORCID

Hi Andy. Given your role as ORCID Wikimedian in Residence, I realised I should post here that I've added a request on a few of these items on the 2020 Community Wishlist Survey. I also notified Brian Minihan at ORCID (email below). Are they also your contact there? Do you know what ORCID's current priorities are for further wikimedia integration?

I'm keen to see more and more integration with Wikimedia and ORCID. There are a couple of items that may be useful to bring to your attention.

From ORCID -> Wikimedia
There is an orcid-relevant proposal at this year's Wikimedia's technical feature wishlist. Voting will begin in the coming weeks. Link below.

From Wikimedia -> Orcid
Some ORCID users include an item called "Wikipedia contributions" or equivalent. (e.g. on 0000-0002-6290-8490). Is there any mechanism by which such users could be able to provide their wikimedia username in order to automatically link to for describing overall contributions, or to individual pages to summarise particular contributions. Obviously, wiki contributions are quite different from scholarly unit contributions, but there are emerging ways of summarising and presenting that data, e.g.:

For a user:
For a Featured Article page:
Or some way that better fits with ORCID's way of organising and keeping data?

I'll be interested to know where orcid see things heading. T.Shafee(Evo&Evo)talk 04:34, 27 November 2019 (UTC)

Hi Andy, have you had an opportunity to consider adding a sopport/oppose/comment to the ORCID community wishlist item? It would be good to get your feedback as ORCID's official Wikipedian in residence on whether it's possible. What're ORCID's priorities for wikimedia engagement through 2020? It'd be useful to know whether more can be done with them. T.Shafee(Evo&Evo)talk 06:33, 3 December 2019 (UTC)
Hi, I thought I had posted support. Your message prompted me to check, and when I tried again, I'd missed the deadline :-( As for your original question, I'm awaiting feedback from ORCID following a staff meeting where a number of related issues were to be discussed. Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing); Talk to Andy; Andy's edits 11:57, 4 December 2019 (UTC)

Giving thanks[edit]

Cassia javanica, Torremolinos.jpg
Cassia javanica, Torremolinos
... with thanks from QAI

Thank you for article work in November! --Gerda Arendt (talk) 16:19, 28 November 2019 (UTC)

This Month in Education: November 2019[edit]

This Month in Education

Volume 8 • Issue 11 • November 2019


In This Issue

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The Signpost: 29 November 2019[edit]

Signpost gallery comment[edit]

Hi, you recently left a comment at Wikipedia talk:Wikipedia Signpost/Next issue/Gallery. It should probably be moved to a more relevant talk page like Wikipedia talk:Wikipedia Signpost/2019-11-29/Gallery or WT:POST/N so that it will be noticed, and because it likely won't be relevant to the next draft Gallery article. (I only came across it because I'm tagging talkpages of the drafts for regular columns with {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Use newsroom}}) Thanks, - Evad37 [talk] 10:05, 30 November 2019 (UTC)

Thank you. It was relevant to the corresponding page when I left it there. It was User:Chris troutman who moved that page but not my comment; no doubt now that he's aware, he will fix it. Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing); Talk to Andy; Andy's edits 13:50, 30 November 2019 (UTC)

Administrators' newsletter – December 2019[edit]

News and updates for administrators from the past month (November 2019).


Administrator changes

added EvergreenFirToBeFree
removed AkhilleusAthaenaraJohn VandenbergMelchoirMichaelQSchmidtNeilNYoungamerican😂

CheckUser changes

readded Beeblebrox
removed Deskana

Interface administrator changes

readded Evad37

Guideline and policy news

Technical news



  • The global consultation on partial and temporary office actions that ended in October received a closing statement from staff concluding, among other things, that the WMF will no longer use partial or temporary Office Action bans... until and unless community consensus that they are of value or Board directive.

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Wikidata weekly summary #393[edit]

Tech News: 2019-49[edit]

16:58, 2 December 2019 (UTC)

Invitation to comment on House of Representatives elections[edit]

Hello, since you have recently edited Talk:2020 United States House of Representatives elections, I am inviting you to an ongoing discussion taking place at Talk:2020 United States House of Representatives elections#RFC on inclusion of House elections. Orser67 (talk) 00:19, 8 December 2019 (UTC)

ITN recognition for Ron Saunders[edit]

Ambox current red.svgOn 8 December 2019, In the news was updated with an item that involved the article Ron Saunders, which you updated. If you know of another recently created or updated article suitable for inclusion in ITN, please suggest it on the candidates page. — Martin (MSGJ · talk) 17:37, 8 December 2019 (UTC)

Wikidata weekly summary #394[edit]

Tech News: 2019-50[edit]

16:38, 9 December 2019 (UTC)

This Month in GLAM: November 2019[edit]

This Month in GLAM logo 2018.png

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To assist with preparing the newsletter, please visit the newsroom. Past editions may be viewed here.

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