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Picture of the Mycro-1 with a portable computer running a terminal emulation software to connect to the Mycro-1
Mycro-1. (2019) Connected to a terminal emulation program. It greets you with: MYCROP V.2.8 (Z)

The MYCRO-1 was a microcomputer manufactured and sold by Mycron of Oslo, Norway. Built around the Intel 8080[1] CPU, it was one of the first commercial single-board computer after the Intel SDK-80. One is currently displayed at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.[2]

When introduced it was sold for apx. $6.000[1]

MYCRO-1 is a microcomputer system based on the microprocessor Intel 8080. Some models have an Z80[3] CPU. Since the Z80 is backward compatible with the 8080, this was probably a cost reduction measure. The MYCRO-1 system was designed by MYCRON Data Industri as an entry In the market place for higher powered microcomputer systems.

The basic modules In the MYCRO-1 system are:

  • DIM-1001 Computer Module
  • DIM-1010 4kByte RAM Module
  • DIM-1012 4kByte PROM Module
  • DIM-1013 16kByte RAM Module (dynamic)
  • DIM-1021 Quad Peripheral Input/Output Module
  • DIM-1030 Disc Controller (8 x 256 kByte Floppy Disc)
  • DIM-1090 Chassis with Motherboard
  • DIM-1091 Power Supply


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