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How can I contact you?

I generally prefer messages on my talk page, but I am normally happy to receive communication from other Wikipedians via email.

If your message is unsuitable for my talk page or unrelated to Wikipedia, or you are unable to add a message there, for whatever reason, you should send me an email. A good rule of thumb for whether a message is suitable for a talk page or not is to note that it is publicly readable. If you would be uncomfortable with someone leaving the same message for you where anybody can read it, then consider whether you should say it at all. If the answer is yes, then send me an email. Otherwise leave a message on my Talk page.

Will you read my message?

  • I read all messages on my talk page, normally as soon as I see the notification I have new messages.
  • I don't read every email that makes it to my inbox (I get too many, even after spam filtering), so make sure your subject line is clear and informative.
  • Of necessity I have aggressive spam filtering (principally a combination of greylisting and SpamAssassin), but this rarely results in emails sent from Wikipedia being caught; almost all genuine emails sent direct make it through as well. It does though mean there can be significant gap (sometimes several hours) between you sending the email and my receiving it.

Will you reply to my message?

If I feel a reply is appropriate, then I will reply, but I will not reply to every message I receive. If you definitely want (or do not want) to receive a reply, say so in your message.

  • I will usually reply to messages on my talk page on my talk page to keep the conversation in one place, but sometimes a reply elsewhere is more appropriate. If you have a preference for where I reply, please say so in your message.
  • I will normally reply to emails by email to the address you sent it from, unless you have a different reply-to address set.

Which address should I use?

Emails related to my role as a functionary/oversighter

Emails to me individually If you do need to contact me individually, then using special:EmailUser/Thryduulf is best. If that doesn't work then emailing will usually get the quickest response.