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La Red
Launched12 May 1991[1]
Owned byAlbavisión
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audience share7.8% (September 2012, La red[2])
SloganJunto a ti (Next to you)
Broadcast areaNational
HeadquartersAvenida Quilín #3750, Macul
Formerly calledRED Televisión (1999–2009)
La Red (1991–1999)
Sister channel(s)Telecanal
Analog (VHF)Canal 5 (Greater Iquique)
Analog (VHF)Canal 7 (Greater Coquimbo)
Analog (VHF)Canal 2 (Greater Valparaíso)
Analog (VHF)Canal 4 (Greater Santiago)
Analog (VHF)Canal 6 (Rancagua City)
Analog (VHF)Canal 13 (Gran Concepción)
Analog (VHF)Canal 2 (Valdivia City)
Analog (VHF)Canal 13 (Osorno City)
Analog (VHF)Canal 6 (Puerto Montt)
DirecTVCanal 148 (SD)
Canal 1148 (HD)
VTR TVCanal 18 (Greater Iquique)
VTR TVCanal 10 (Copiapó City)
VTR TVCanal 5 (Greater Coquimbo)
VTR TVCanal 3 (Los Andes City)
VTR TVCanal 19 (San Fernando)
VTR TVCanal 18 (Gran Concepción)
VTR TVCanal 20 (Greater Temuco)
VTR TVCanal 20 (Valdivia City)
VTR TVCanal 20 (Puerto Montt)
Streaming media
lared.clSeñal en Vivo

La Red, also known as La Red Chilena de Televisión, is a private television channel in Chile. It began broadcasting on 12 May 1991, as the second private television station in Chile, after Mega.


Among the many TV shows broadcast on La Red are:


See also es:Anexo:Producciones de La Red#Programas actuales y de continuidad
Year Time Title Notes
1999 Cara a Cara Espacio de entrevistas conducido por Tomás Cox.
2005 Así somos Programa nocturno conducido por Cristián Pérez.
2005 Cada día mejor Espacio de conversación y recuerdos conducido por Alfredo Lamadrid.
2006 Intrusos Farándula y espectáculos conducido por Jennifer Warner.
2010 Mujeres Primero Programa matinal conducido por Janine Leal y Antonella Ríos.
2011 Expediente S Programa de entretención conducido por Juan Andrés Salfate.
2011 Mentiras Verdaderas Late show de entrevistas conducido por Ignacio Franzani.
2014 Cultura Verdadera Late show de la cultura conducido por Ignacio Franzani.
2014 Portavoz Noticias Noticias Regionales conducido por Scarleth Cárdenas.
2015 Entrevista Verdadera Espacio de entrevistas conducido por Beatriz Sánchez.
2016 Hola Chile Espacio Matinal conducido por Julia Vial y Eduardo de la Iglesia.


See also Pt:La Red#Programas & De:La Red#Die wichtigsten Sendungen


The channel was owned by several companies, such as TV Azteca[3] and Copesa,[4] before being sold to Mexican businessman Remigio Ángel González. The channel was called Red Television (Network Television) for about ten years until 2009, before being reverted to its original name in 2009. It mainly airs Hollywood blockbusters (especially in primetime). It is also the TV station that broadcast the local version of the popular "Big Brother" and WWE shows like WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown.

In audience share, it currently ranks fifth behind TVN, Canal 13, CHV, and Mega.


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