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Izzard or Izard may refer to:

People with the surname[edit]


  • Bob Izzard, 1930s Australian rugby league player
  • Brad Izzard, 1980s Australian rugby league player
  • Craig Izzard, 1980s–1990s Australian rugby league player
  • Eddie Izzard, English comedian and actor
  • Grant Izzard, 1990s Australian rugby league player
  • Mark Izzard, Canadian former ice hockey player
  • Molly Izzard, (1919–2004), English writer and wife of Ralph Izzard
  • Ralph Izzard (1910–1992), English journalist, author, adventurer and naval intelligence officer


  • Carroll Izard (1923–2017), American psychologist known for his contributions to Differential Emotions Theory (DET)
  • Charles Beard Izard (1829–1904), New Zealand lawyer and politician; father of
  • Charles Hayward Izard (1860–1925), New Zealand lawyer and politician
  • George Izard (1776–1828), general in the United States Army during the War of 1812 and governor of the Arkansas Territory
  • Mark W. Izard (1799–1866), 2nd Governor of Nebraska Territory
  • Stephanie Izard (born 1976), American chef

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