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Everybody In The World Uses Wikipedia (TM). I think it's inconsiderate to assume people will know what we're talking about. I think we should always define possibly-unfamiliar terms in first use in articles. Example: We should define what 1 E22 m² means, so little schoolchildren and non-native English speakers have a fighting chance of understanding this. Thanks.

Good point. I think we use engineering notation, e.g. 1E22, because scientific notation, e.g. 1022, can't be used in article titles. This should be explained somewhere. Maybe we should also explain what 1022 means, and m², for that matter. Altering all the affected pages will take time, but I think it's probably worth doing. To be fair to Wikipedia, the 1E22m² notation is not an obscurantist plot to confuse non-Wikipedians: it is widely used in science. -- Heron