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Paul Michael "Mike" Farmwald[1] is a serial entrepreneur working in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry.

Farmwald holds a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University, where he was a Hertz Foundation Fellow, has founded six companies, five of which were financed in part by Benchmark Capital, where he is a venture partner.

He has founded these companies:

Farmwald invests directly in startups through Skymoon Ventures. His recent investments include technology companies incubated at Skymoon R&D (Dash, whose navigation systems bring internet to the car, and Finesse Solutions, a measurement and control provider to the biotechnology industry) as well as companies that bring technology to traditional business (Remote Lands, a luxury bespoke Asian travel outfitter started by entrepreneur Catherine Heald and ICE, a fitness concept company started by award-winning cheerleading coach Darlene Fanning).

He has publicly criticized and shorted the stock of technology companies he believes are defrauding investors by misrepresenting their technology. In 2005, he shorted ParkerVision, a RF semiconductor IP company, and created a website detailing their problems with the company.[2][3]


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