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SEE: m:Geospatial reference[edit]

I think that we should add new wiki syntax for marking up geographical references, which would make it possible to do geographical searches (heavy, heavy performace hogger, but leading the way into future for the rest of the web. This geographical indexing would require a new machine(s))

I've been thinking about why on earth doesn't w:HTML or w:XHTML contain tags or meta-tags for connecting a document to a point (or an area) on earth. This would be supergroovy if search engines supported searching for words with results ordered by physical location (very heavy search indeed, I've studied a course on GIS, and even done some work in that area, and I can tell you that multiple 1-dimensional search keys in relational algebra (SQL is translated into relational algebra before execution) is a picnic compared to even simplified 2-dimensional indexes, let alone if we want accurate real world 3d indexing (Buildings etc. have multiple floors you know.))

Now I have just one thought. Forget the web, let's do it for Wikipedia and the rest of the Web can catch up someday, maybe.

Throw in a standardised way of marking times up and voila: We have spatio-temporal data, that can be grouped and searched in numerous ways, if someone just coded the search engine and if we had some spare processing power for this tedious task.