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  • DoS with a lowercase 'o' should not be redirected to DOS (disambig)! Denial of Service is the only thing that uses to be written with a lowercase 'o'.
I had made it clear in DOS (disambiguation) which things are called DOS and which things are called DoS but this got removed, so I reinserted that. Denial of Service is not the only thing called DoS. The point of having disambiguation for DOS, DoS and dos in one place is that people who might not know the exact capitalisation for the word they are trying to find, would still be able to find if they reach that disambig page. BTW I'm not sure everyone in the community tolerates using "four-letter words" in the edit summary, so it'd be better if you kept a bit cooler. Thanks! -- Paddu 20:28, 15 July 2005 (UTC)