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Cornetto may refer to:

  • Cornetto, a musical wind instrument; note: it is also called the “cornett” but nowadays more often the Italian “o” is added, in speech and in writing, to better distinguish it from the “cornet,” which is an unrelated small brass instrument akin to a trumpet; the cornetto was developed in Italy around 1480, had largely disappeared two hundred years later, and has been revived since the 1970s for historically informed performances
  • Cornetto (ice cream), a branded frozen ice cream cone
  • Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, a British film series
  • Cornetto (pastry), an Italian pastry
  • Cornetto (Città di Castello), a frazione of Città di Castello, in Italy
  • Cornicello, another word for cornetto - a good luck charm in the shape of a small horn
  • Monte Cornetto, a mountain in Italy.