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Tub may refer to:

  • A Tub (container):
    • a round or oblong container with or without a lid:
    • a shallow, plastic or paper container, typically with a lid or closure
    • Tub (unit), a former quantity for sale or butter or cheese
  • A bathtub, a plumbing fixture for bathing
  • Hot tub, a large bath or small pool designed to comfortably hold multiple persons
  • Quarry tub, a type of railway or tramway wagon
  • Slack tub, in blacksmithing, a quench
  • Tub boat, an unpowered cargo boat used on early canals
  • Twin tub, a type of washing machine
  • Tub file, in computing, an early, primitive random access memory technology.
  • Tub Welch, a baseball player.

TUB may refer to:

TUBS may refer to:

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