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Significance is the basic process of whether or not something matters...

Removed. Sorry, unless we're being really perverse with our English, or making theoretical claims (in which case we should indicate that we are doing so), "significance" is anything but a process.

An event is often regarded as significant when it leads to other changes, opening the door to them, more or less acting as a trigger.

Removed the "trigger" bit. Trigger seems to be a technical word in the philosophy of Fred Bauder. I see no reason to invoke it, when the extremely well-known and widely accepted idea of a "cause" can serve the same purpose in the explanation.

Can we please avoid using technical jargon when everyday speech can achieve the same effect? --Ryguasu 08:47 Nov 12, 2002 (UTC)

what would be a significance of a big event or game in your life? i need examples