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WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs
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Various psychoactive drugs
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Cannabis, Drug Policy
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WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs (formerly WikiProject Psychedelics, Dissociatives and Deliriants) is a WikiProject set up to improve Wikipedia's coverage of psychoactive drugs.


Welcome to WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs! Interested in contributing to the project? Come say hello on the talk page. New to Wikipedia or to drug related articles and don't know where to start? Try wetting your toes on a smaller drug article like Alpha-PVP or on a cultural/organization related article like psychedelia or Erowid.

For drug articles we follow the WikiProject Pharmacology manual of style at WP:PHARMMOS. Since drugs have health effects we also need WikiProject Medicine acceptable sources for health and body related claims. Take a look at WP:MEDRS to learn more. Google Scholar and Google Books can be good sources for this information.


Originally conceived as a descendant project of WikiProject Drugs (now WikiProject Pharmacology), this project deals with psychoactive and recreational drugs in a wider scope than the drugs project, creating systems of categorization that solve some of the problems encountered by the drugs project when dealing with these drugs (due to its narrower scope). This project deals not only with chemical substances and plants, but also people, organizations and concepts related to psychoactive drugs.


The primary goal of WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs is to give Wikipedians an accurate and easy-to-read explanation of the chemical, sociological, anthropological, psychological, botanical, medical, and religious aspects of all psychoactive drugs. To do this, the project will:

  • Systematically categorize all psychoactive drug articles
  • Improve existing articles and create new articles where needed
  • Create new message boxes, infoboxes, and templates to organize all psychoactive drugs
  • Including accurate pictures and illustrations of all psychoactive drugs to help provide a thorough explanation of the substance in question

Related WikiProjects[edit]

This project is a partial descendant from the WikiProject Pharmacology. Other related projects include:


Current members[edit]

Please add your name here (in alphabetical order) to join the project. By adding oneself as a participant it is expected that one have at least minimal involvement in the project.

Inactive members[edit]

For inactive participants (defined as project members who have not contributed to a psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants-related page in three months), see /Inactive participants.


Category:WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs articles is used as the umbrella category for this project's articles. Currently, subcategories are being discussed: see /Categorization to take part in the discussion.

Articles are also assessed and categorized by quality. See /Assessment for information on the project's assessment department.

Popular articles[edit]

Most of the important psychoactive and recreational drugs articles are also tagged as WikiProject Medicine articles. User:West.andrew.g/Popular medical pages has a good list of popular medical pages. Generally recreational drugs articles are near the top of the list.

Reviewed articles[edit]

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Note: Some of these need to be fixed since the change in scope.

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To do list
The following categorization templates are from WikiProject Pharmacology. These templates should be used where applicable, pending any recategorization decided here. Please propose any new templates on the project talk page.

Open tasks[edit]

Please add more as necessary.

Here are some tasks you can do (edit) for WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs

Articles needed:

Articles needing expansion:

Pages in need of disambiguation repair:

Help settle a debate:


New Tasks on Inducing Altered States of Consciousness (May 2016)

This is a ToDo list for the subgroup "Altered States of Consciousness" which is trying to improve some articles within the WikiProject Psychoactive and Recreational Drugs but also non-pharmacological methods to induce altered states of consciousness. Feel free to enter any related articles to our list.

Articles need to be checked for Altered States of Consciousness:

Articles which are checked and revised right now:

Articles to be reviewed:

Finished Articles:

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