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Olof Ekström, Uppsala, Sweden.

Olof till svenska Wikipedia,, arbete väntar! Dan Koehl

Well, Dan was quite successful. I write very little in the English wikipedia nowadays, but quite a lot more on the Swedish. My edits here are now almost exclusively minor things and sv: links. The biggest reason, perhaps, is that there is so much to do on the Swedish side, and so many wonderful, fantastic articles are already written here, by all the fantastic wikipedians! I'm still here in some fashion, and I'm very proud of my minor contributions and of being part of this great thing.


Embarking on a career as a Wiki contributor... haha, maybe, we'll see. Looking forward to contribute to some of my interests, which include European history before 1000 AD, paleoanthropology. Computer programmer by trade, maybe I'll spot something needed in that area as well... Many years as an aquarist and with a big interest in zoology.

For decency's sake, I plan to update or create pages for Uppsala, Uppland and Uppsala län. I also plan to start an article on runestones, hopefully with images to go with it. Problem is, I keep getting distracted by spotting fun articles to meddle with... I feel like a kitten surrounded by yarn. Other plans I'll keep to myself;-)

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