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I have enjoyed working on Wikipedia. I came here after seeing an article on Kuro5hin, checked it out, and found that I could make a positive contribution.

Biographical Information[edit]

Full name: Gregory Albert Baker (there are a lot of us in this world)

Birth: September 20, 1955, in Washington, D.C. Education: B.Sci, University of Maryland; Empire State Military Academy, Army OCS; couple of computer schools City: Odenton, Odenton, Watch Your Step, Odenton, Maryland

Profession: Technical writer and substitute teacher; occasional writer of fiction and nonfiction

Family: wife, daughter, two cats


Interests and Hobbies[edit]

Dumb Facts About Me[edit]

  • I was born in the eye of a hurricane. No, I'm not Jumping Jack Flash.
  • I'm a distant cousin of former Vice President Albert Gore.

Contributions to the Wikipedia[edit]

Articles started:

Articles to which I contributed more than minor material:

Please note: I truly value working collaboratively with other people on this project, and do not want to be seen as grabbing credit in a collaborative work. However, I am also proud of what I write; furthermore, if anyone has a specific criticism of my facts or my style, I would be glad to address that. As Huey Long once said, "He who does not toot his own horn, the same shall not be tooted."

Other Stuff[edit]

  • The Battle of Hell, Kentucky; An Essay in Creative History [2]
  • Contributions to the UNCLE/Callahan series on alt.callahans. including the Bunnies
  • Contributions to